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Article of the Month: 5 Leadership Challenges

There are five challenges most leaders will face during their tenure as leaders, whether working for a corporation or for themselves.

Challenge 1 – Creating and Maintaining a Diversified Team

All leaders work with teams. These teams include diverse individuals with different backgrounds, experiences and even ethnicity’s. One of the greatest challenges of leadership in modern society is finding ways to create a unified front among team members. This is often difficult when members of a team may remain at remote areas.

Thanks to modern technology, not all members of a team will necessarily work in the same facility. A leader can overcome the challenges associated with creating and preserving a diversified team by encouraging horizontal communication and knowledge sharing. What this means is information does not come from the top-down alone, but instead from person to person.

The best way to create and uphold a diversified yet efficient team is to make sure each member of the team receives routine communications.

Challenge 2 – Inspiring Others To Share The Leader’s/Organizational Vision

A mission and vision are essential to any successful business. It is not enough however, for a leader to promote a vision or mission. Rather, it is the role of a leader to ensure that every member of their team and the organization share a common mission and vision.

A leader can take on the challenge of inspiring others by clearly communicating how a company’s mission and vision will benefit not just the organization, but also the people working for it. By explaining how each incumbent will benefit from the mission, a leader will inspire others to share the same corporate vision.

Challenge 3 – Facilitating Open and Clear Communication Among Coworkers

Clear and concise communication is essential for success. A leader has a duty to communicate well with others, but also teach others how to communicate clearly. Clarity offers a course that teaches how to communicate better when working in groups or alone in the workplace.

Challenge 4 – Empowering Incumbents To Take Action

The days of micromanagement are over. Nowadays, employees want to feel inspired. The best way to inspire employees is by empowering them to excel and achieve. A leader’s role includes providing employees the ability to make proactive choices. That means including employees in the decision making process so they become part of the organizational team. A leader can also empower employees by encouraging them to write down an action plan for each problem that needs solving in the organization. This process should include setting up goals and the exact steps necessary to take action to resolve problems.

Challenge 5 – Providing Inspiration To Others

Last, but certainly not least, a leader must provide inspiration to others. Some of the world’s best leaders are defined by their “charisma” or ability to inspire and motivate others. A leader must remain committed to the cause, but also recognize the potential in employees to achieve great things. With the right skills and training, anyone can lead.

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